Vancouver, BC – Medina Café

by admin

I love the corner booth; you can watch everything. I see the brick wall behind the bar, natural wood planks along the seating, and and spotlights on the wall that point up into the tall rafters. I see tables running along the long wall filled with talkative morning-risers. “How does it feel to be turning 3o tomorrow?”, the gentleman next to me asks his friend, and receives a shrug response.

For those who love their food served separately, this is a paradise. I order the La Santé. The soft boiled egg towers above the other food on a pedestal, the avocado slices have their own bowl to lay in, and the prosciutto climbs up on itself. The avocado is a gradient of bright green and the prosciutto is moist: everything is freshly sliced.

The waitress is lovely, with bare shoulders and a dark floral print skirt that could have been picked up at the Barefoot Contessa on Commercial Drive.

I crack my egg with a silver spoon and enjoy my day’s start. 556 Beatty Street, Crosstown Vancouver