Portland – Water Ave, Coava, Sterling Roasters

by admin

Sterling Coffee Roasters

The finest espresso this week was at Sterling, a Grade 2 Yirgacheffe (currently at Water Ave too) and an El Salvador from San Joaquin. Rachael pulled both with quite a bit of sweetness, but the acid was strong and balanced on the Yirgacheffe.

Water Avenue Coffee

The most compelling news about Water Avenue is the location; with the Bunk Bar gaining traction next door and the return of lunch at Clark Lewis across the street, the East Bank is quickly becoming Portland’s hippest part of town. Olympic Provisions and Coava near by make it my new favorite area.

Coava Coffee Roasters

Keith humored me with a lengthy discussion about his Kone (aka the K-1) pour over filter. Their coffees have become permanent fixtures at Red E Cafe and Barista, but their new shop inside Bamboo Revolution is worth a visit, if nothing else than for the table saw bistro table.