Capitol Hill, Seattle – World Cup at Café Presse

Capitol Hill seemed like a good place to be during the World Cup. After unfruitful reconnaissance uncovered several coarse locations (beware of flip flops), it was refreshing to receive a recommendation from a brother of a friend: “go to Café Presse”. Forty-five minutes before Uruguay vs Netherlands, I scooped up the last seat at the bar and put my elbows alongside a lovely group of folks.

The “Œufs plats, jambon, fromage” for $7.50 was the second lovely surprise: a simple breakfast so far from any American egg scramble. Everything in the hot plate worked together without excessive grease or salt. I was not expecting those three ingredients could taste so light and satisfying. The servers were entirely Capitol Hill fare, with thick rimmed glasses and well-fitting trousers. Diners are surrounded less by décor than by natural wood, brick, and wonderfully bright sky light.

“I’m meeting a friend, she’s a Holland fan”, said the gentleman to my side as we talked until his friend arrived. Meeting friends and watching European sports is probably exactly what owners Jim Drohman and Joanne Herron had in mind when they opened Café Presse. They are French lifestyle enthusiasts, and after establishing themselves with the fine dining Le Pichet (Downtown near Pike Place Market) they opened the more casual Café Presse in order to cover some of the less weighty French habits. Picking up a magazine and spending the afternoon over a few light imported beers seems like a fine habit to encourage, and so I will afford you the address: 1117 12th Ave Seattle, WA 98122.