Heart Roasters – Guatemala Puerta Verde

by admin

When I first asked around Portland for a new coffee roaster to explore, I would frequently be sent to Heart. Heart Roasters, as if that end of Burnside is another country, or as if visiting their mammoth UG 15 Probat is a stop on some sort of hipster coffee pilgrimage.

Heart’s Guatemala Puerta Verde is busy tying up Barista’s month of Portland coffee roasters. Joe at Barista 2 says it’s “super chocolatey, with blood orange citrus notes, walnut and toffee.”

When asked, the Heart staff will explain to any passerby that their Probat comes from Giesen Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster repair/restoration/equipment company in the Netherlands. It’s a 1953 Probat, and it has better air circulation than Heart’s older, smaller L12. It’s that the roaster is one of the largest and most displayed roaster around town, or the European connection, that makes Heart’s shop such a draw.