5th & Alder – Andrea Spella

by admin

When I ask Chris why the cart is closing, he sends me down to 5th and Alder to get the details from Andrea.

My question surprises Andrea. Sales dropped at the cart over the last year so he is consolidating, but Andrea Spella has achived his MacGuffin. With the food cart bubble growing close to poppage, it’s easy to forget that most food cart owners dream of permanently moving to a “brick and mortar” shop. And now that Andrea has a real shop, the cart’s closing is only bittersweet.

Nostrana now features Andrea’s coffee, along with the classy Devil’s Food Catering and Market of Choice in Multnomah. Andrea is expanding Spella’s wholesale placement and adding stability to the business.

And after a modest reception at Barista, too. Their Portland Roasters Month did not embrace Andrea’s roast, which was featured alongside roaster-in-law, Sterling. Andrea’s Brazilian espresso blend is based on the traditional Italian blends, and is pulled with 14 grams instead of 20 and results in nearly 2 full ounces of volume. “The Sterling was a lot better” says Joe at Barista 2, “Spella is just a lot darker.”